About me


About me

I am a positive girl who lives with the ethics in my heart. What we do for others we also do for ourselves. I am a certified lifecoach and I help everyone to live the life they want to live.

I have a broad background of working with people and have earlier in life both educations and jobs where people have been in focus.

My journey as a life coach has been an inner journey for myself, where I have had to free myself from old behavioral patterns that made me, for example, ignore myself. Such a journey can be difficult but also liberating. We must live our true selves, with peace, meaning and joy.

Hiring me as a life coach means that you, your whole being, your body, your mind and your soul will land in the present.

When you are founded and present, then you get in touch with your whole being, your body, your thoughts, your heart, your authentic self.

This is when you can experience harmony and vitality. You have the answers within you. The questions up to your own answers you get from me.