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I am a positive girl who lives with the ethics in my heart. What we do for others we also do for ourselves. I am a certified lifecoach and I help everyone to live the life they want to live.

I have a broad background of working with people and have earlier in life both educations and jobs where people have been in focus…


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”Being coached by Cecilia is the best thing I have done. She has helped me unleash my full potential to be able to achieve the goals and the life I desire, which means that they have increased the opportunity for me to see context and given me new perspectives and stimulate positive thinking”.

– Suzanne

”The individual’s goals and interests are at the center of Cecilia, where the individual himself has all the answers to his challenges within himself, but that Cecilia challenges with various questions and supports you as an individual in finding your answers, but best of all to dare to realize them . I highly recommend Cecilia to anyone who needs a coach”.

– Emilia

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